Thursday, May 19, 2011

White-crowned Sparrow and others

The White-crowned Sparrow was probably about the last sparrow species that I became familiar with. It has become a seasonal migrant favourite of mine. They drop by in the spring when they are returning from their winter migration and stay around for a few days before moving on and then when they are headed south again in the fall we often see them again. this one shown above has been around for about a week now. I am hoping to see a Savannah Sparrow soon, it has been a while since I have seen one. The sparrows shown in the photo below shows the extent of my sparrow knowledge and experience. All of the sparrow photos were taken in Bird Alley. I didn't know the identification of many birds as a child. I had heard of sparrows in Sunday School when we sang the song, 'God sees the little sparrow fall.' So from that song, that is what I had known of sparrows. When I became a grandmother I made a group of flashcards hoping that I might introduce my grandchildren to nature and sparrows in that way. The cards didn't get used much, but today all 5 of my grandchildren have an awareness of and love of nature.

How well do you know the sparrows?

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Jaclyn T said...

I just discovered your site today while doing a google image search for "yellow wildflower new brunswick," to figure out the name of a flower I took a picture of (Dogtooth Violet). I linked to you on my blog.

I think I'll be visiting here soon!