Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Looking across the river

An Eagle on a branch as seen from the other side of the river.


Appalachian Lady said...

You are lucky to see a bald eagle. They are beautiful.

Mary said...

I'm always amazed at how that white head stands out from a distance. Great shot!

Emma Springfield said...

This is a marvelous blog. Your pictures are outstanding. I have enjoyed browsing through older posts too.
Nature Tales And Camera Trails is Nature Site of the Week at Nature Center Magazine.

Don't unplug your hub said...

I have enjoyed my visit to your site. I was directed to it by Emma at nature trails.
I shall come back again.

me ann my camera said...

Thank you Emma' for the wonderful support you have give me on your lovely blog. I do enjoy nature photography and by sharing with others via my blog, my camera has a purposeful use each day.