Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Northern White Violets

"Its a great day for ducks!" That is a comment on our on going wet, rainy weather. Our long range weather forecast predicts the next sunny day for next Monday! arg!!! I might interchange the word ducks to violets! "Its a great day for Violets" Violets apparently like damp, soggy soil." Well they got it!". In fact the purple violet, is the provincial flower symbol for my provinceof New Brunswick., Canada. This photo above of a Purple Violet was taken in a grassy meadow beside a wooded area.. Violets are often found in wooded areas, meadows, swamps, bogs and soggy, seepy lawns. One of our lawn areas is always soggy wet in early spring and that is often where I find patches of the very tiny, Northern White violet., as I have again this spring. This spring they are thriving, Their little root feet are in their desired growing condition estacy!To further verify this species likes wet areas I came across this patch shown below along an old woods road on the weekend. They were thriving in a soggy, boggy area as can be seen by their watery environment shown in the photo below.Fortunately I was wearing my pretty gum rubber boots when I came across this location.For specific information on the Northern White Violet, please click on this link shown below:


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

The Violets are so pretty.I have some growing in my one flower bed,and love them.

madcobug said...

I like the purple the best but alas I have the white onse that grow all over my back yard early spring. Helen