Friday, February 08, 2008


A visit to the coast yesterday, at Saints Rest Marsh, yielded only a few photos of Crows and some gull sightings. Having often said to myself all winter long, when in hopes that it might be a hawk perched near the top of the tree just ahead; "Oh, just another Crow!" I almost said that yesterday, but somehow I found these large passerine birds rather attractive in this snowy, sandy setting admid the sparse marsh grass growing there.
The Bay of Fundy at Saints Rest Marsh, Saint John.


Mary said...

Love the first photo! The contrast between the yellowish grass and the dark bird and the snow is great. It does make the birds look lovely! Great photo.

April said...

These pictures are exquisite! I agree with Mary. The marsh grass and Crow look wonderful together. It's also nice to see a photo of the Bay of Fundy at the other end of the country. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I had "yellow" in mind as well so I hope you come back to visit and see what I found.

Island Rambles Blog said...

Hey there thanks for visiting me...I love these pictures...always wondered what the Bay of Fundy would look like...nice to meet another Canadian blogger...we are at opposite ends!! Lots of rain here, no snow...lots of crows and seagulls too!!!

NW Nature Nut said...

I really like the second photo. The crow just pops out with the snow and grasses. Its a great contrast.

me and my camera said...

Mary: The first thing I had noticed was the yellowish grass against the undisturbed snow with the cold ocean and blue sky in the background; then when a Crow landed I thought the scene complete.

April: Yellow is one of my favourite colours, it being so cheerful and warming and in these photos I think it created a bit of warmth that definitely was not there. Our coast is much colder than yours..brrr.. Your yellow pics are lovely.

Island: I didn't take much of a beach walk as it was very cold that day and I can't help but remember the warmer climes of English Bay and Kitsolano Beach when you mention the west coast. The one winter I lived in Vancouver, many, many years ago, was such a wonderful change from our cold, east coast winters! Although the first thing I did when I got there was buy an umbrella.

NatureNut, I'm happy that you mentioned the second picture for I had edited the post last evening and placed the present picture there in place of one I had used earlier. It seemed to work better. So glad that you noted it.