Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Oh Dear! Be Careful Crossing the Road!

This is becoming a frequent sighting for me at this time of year: a White-tailed Deer crossing the highway. I was only a few kilometers from home yesterday, on my way to the city for the day, when I saw this deer standing to the left of the highway. I knew it was going to cross and I pulled over onto the shoulder of the road to let it do so safely. Just the day before I had been driving along a woods area when I had seen another deer crossing the road there.
Oh dear! Be careful out there, Deer!
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Mary said...

I'm glad you missed it and took pictures instead. Deer on the highways and back roads are common around here and I see too many dead ones that don't make it. I've been fortuate to never hit one, but know so many people who have. On our back roads they just appear out of nowhere and you learn to be real alert to certain areas they frequent.

Sandpiper said...

A deer once jumped right over the hood of my car. Somehow, she didn't touch the car in any way. Talk about lucky! I'm afraid, the more man encroaches, it's only going to get worse.

me and my camera said...

There are a lot of interesting 'deer stories' out there and some of amazing encounters; like yours, Sandpiper!

Mary, like you, I have never hit one. They often visit our feeders at night and in the morning I sometimes see signs of them having been there; hoofprints in the snow, or a feeder lying on the ground. Its too early for Raccoons, so I know its probably a deer that has been there.

Its interesting to hear of other places that have similar encounters with deer. Thank you both for your stories of deer in your areas too.