Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Two Crows Joy

There is a lot of joyfullness in the air during this time of year and you can see it in the activities of the Crows with their chasing and tumbling and aerial acrobatics. I stopped by the roadside the other day and took this photo of two Crows high in the treetops within this beautiful blue skyscape, while the childhood recitiation; .... One Crow sorrow, two Crows joy, three Crows a letter.... ran through my head.


Mary said...

The blue sky looks so beautiful and I really love clouds. I've never heard that childhood recitation before....made me wonder about the rest of it. May have to Google it :-)

Sandpiper said...

Oh cool! You caught that first one while he was talking! I love that beautiful blue sky, and the picture of the crows on the snowy ridge is a nice composition.

me and my camera said...

You'll find a bit of variation as the numbers of Crows increase in the rhyme but I think it always starts out with, "One Crow sorrow.." Glad you enjoyed.

Birdnerd said...

We are seeing and hearing a lot of joyfulness here in the northwest, as well! While we're not saying goodbye to snow and ice we have had 11 days of weather in the 50s and birds are singing and displaying like crazy.
Your own coincidence story about the Ships That Pass in the Ice was great....you were already a reader of his blog? Too funny. Glad you liked the Song vs Fox post, too. Thanks for your comments, as always!

me and my camera said...

The first picture is my favourite Crow picture; and it looks like he is scolding someone or something. I don't often have much luck getting good ones. I think the difficulty lies in the fact that there's not much contrast in their colour. My photo archives are quite lacking in Crows.

Blue skies are always beautiful I think.

me and my camera said...

I had stumbled upon that blog about the ship's passing only yesterday when I went to the Nature Blog Network and decided to read a few of the newest members. Amazing, huh!? The coincidence story is, as you said "... TOO funny!" Coincidences never fail to amaze me and I am always fascinated by them.

The Fox Sparrow is one of my favourite sparrows and I have confused it with the Song Sparrow before. But it's 'foxy' colour and its larger size are both determining factors in id-ing it when I get a second, closer look.

John Theberge said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on yesterdays photo. I loved your raccoon shots.