Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Flock of Pigeons

I often find that when I am looking at a murder of crows, a charm of finches, or perhaps a gaggle of geese, or a host of sparrows, I often dismiss the many to focus on the one; or just a few. And this was exactly the case a few days ago when I was trying to focus on a hawk in a nearby tree. A flock of Pigeons, which regularly roost on the ridgepole of a nearby barn, were in flight circling above the field to the right, while I was watching the hawk in a tree to the left. The hawk having flown off, without me getting any successful pictures, I turned to the right and aimed my camera at the sky and the circling flock of Pigeons for no other reason than to just take a few pictures of something.
After returning home and downloading the photos I found much beauty in the images of this flock of Pigeons in flight. A lesson learned; hesitate less, and take more pictures.


Kingsdowner said...

A good lesson for us all there - the patterns made by a flock can be stunning, as your photos show.

me and my camera said...

I thought the patterns were beautiful too; repetition being foremost, as the principle of design used most effectively here. Glad you enjoyed too.

Mary said...

Very striking! The sameness of each ones shape makes it easy to see how we should recognize birds by their flight patterns. Catching it in a photo makes it more noticible. They look very lovely and graceful in flight like that....a bird ballet! I like your new banner at the top! Very nice and fits your title so well.

me and my camera said...

What a wonderful suggestion... a bird ballet; the gracefulness is certainly there. What a lovely comparison. Also thanks for your mention of the banner at the top, it will change with the seasons and the weather.