Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Two Gray Jays Feeding Along the Roadside

This perky looking, not so shy, Gray Jay, looks as delighted to have found this food as I was delighted to have found them. Swooping in from the trees on both sides of the road; these gregarious, boreal forest birds delved into this tasty treat of bread slices that some kind passerby had thrown onto the roadside. And as soon as their beaks were full, they would return to the trees lining the roadside. Gray Jays store large amounts of food by 'gluing' particles to tree branches with the sticky saliva found in their beaks. At this time of year, late February or early March, this species is preparing to begin nesting and large amounts of stored food provide a much needed food source for them during this winter brooding period. Each time I saw one of the jays fly off with food in their mouths I couldn't help but visualize them 'gluing' the bread pieces to the tree branches above, for they were soon back again for more.
A Gray Jay along the roadside.


Mary said...

Really beautiful birds! There was an article about them in the last National Wildlife magazine.

me and my camera said...

Yes, that's a very informative article, I had read it also. These two Gray Jays were a lucky find on my way home from shopping on the weekend. Never leave home without your camera. :-)

Sandpiper said...

What cute little birdies! We don't have them where I live.

me and my camera said...

They are here year round but it is usually the late fall and winter when I see them most often. I don,t think I have ever seen one during the summer. Glad that you enjoyed.