Saturday, February 09, 2008

Early Morning Visitor

While making myself an early morning cup of tea, I was wondering to myself what I would blog today. Noticing movement outside the window as I was going to my computer, I glanced out and there stood the answer to my ponderings! The deer was beautiful as it stood highlighted under the streetlight in the newly fallen snow; however its actions weren't, for it was having an early morning snack from one of my ornamental Junipers! .
However, not being one to miss an opportunity, I hurried to get my camera rather than shoooing it away. It knew I was there for it glanced my way before lowering its head to resume its breakfast. Then with a second thought it quickly bounded away around the corner of my house.


Margot and David said...

A tasty treat on a wintery morning. Our early morning wildlife experience was the cawing of the crows....spring is on the way....inspite of the Sunday forecast...just what this province needs...more snow.

me and my camera said...

Our lawns are criss-crossed with deer trails; beautiful as they are we would much prefer them not to munch on our trees and plants. We also enjoy the sounds of Crows about our yard.

I am always optimistic, believing that we will have an early spring. The days are longer, the sun is stronger and we are all eager for a much-wanted change from winter weather!

Mary said...

What a great morning surprise...even if it did nibble the bush!