Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Juncos: little snowbirds

They arrived this morning, with the falling snow and the gray dawn; just before full light. There were only two of them and when I returned to the window with a cup of tea, they were gone. I hadn't known that these little Slate-coloured Juncos are often referred to as . 'snow -birds', but after having seen the mention of this nickname in a birding book this morning, with further research I came across that label being used often in reference to them. For, as these two little birds did this morning; juncos often arrive with the snow.

Its interesting to think on what sometimes conjures up a nickname, for I often find myself being reminded of these little Slate-coloured Juncos when I empty the fliter from my clothes dryer. The grey fluff that I hold in my hand causes me to think of these little, fluffy looking, slate-grey birds. But I think 'snowbird', is a much nicer appellation than; 'dryer fluff' birds.
A Slate-coloured Junco, from my picture archives: 2006


Mary said...

"Dryer fluff birds"?? Yes...I think Snowbird is definitely better! Snowbird is a beautiful image for a beautiful little bird. Of course around here "snowbirds" are those people who spend half the year in Florida to escape the snow.

me and my camera said...

We have another bird here in the wintertime that is called a Snowbird, tho its real name is a Snow Bunting. That is why I was surprised to learn that the term, 'snowbird', also sometimes refers to a Junco too.

Dryer fluff, well; its greyish and soft and fluffy and I would image holding a junco in your hand would have just about the same weightless feeling :-)

I hope all your Grackles are gone!

Sandpiper said...

Juncos are definitely little snowbirds. We had a snow and ice storm last night and this morning and the little Juncos were the first ones to arrive at the feeders. I'm not sure why, but these little birds are one of my favorite visitors.

me and my camera said...

I think we have your storm now, Sandpiper, it snowed all day and now it is rain and freezing rain continuing on. The Juncos were our first little birds today too, but they had not put in an appearance for quite a while... so they were an extra special welcome sight this morning!