Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Searching for Colour

A Snowy Day Haiku
drifting swirling snow

tranforming winter landscapes

with wind carved sculpture
We have become so acclimatized to our snowy, white, winter world this year that other than the colourful red of the Cardinals, the blue of the Blue Jays, the yellows and reds of the Pine and Evening Grosbeaks, and the little Redpolls and others, our natural world seems to have become devoid of colour.So when out walking the other day I went searching for colour and here is what I found. One, just one, red apple left on an old, wild Apple Tree growing on the side of the river bank. A winter treat of American Bittersweet Berries still lingering on, perhaps waiting for some Waxwings to find a delightful treat. I also saw the promise of spring exposed in this branch cutting from an old tree; showing its warmth and life from colour within.

I found the presence of winter, the remembrance of fall and the promise of spring.


Sandpiper said...

Fantastic blog this morning! I often go out and look for any little bit of color. Just finding a simple red berry feels like such success. But, just look at that stunning blue sky you have there! The snowdrifts are beautiful. The colorful berries and apple, and that one simple leaf that just hangs on to autumn.

Kingsdowner said...

Your prose and poetry are as beautiful as the photos - do you have a special affinity with haiku?

me and my camera said...

Although my blogs these past few months seem to have dwelt on birds I actually have a broader interest in all things in nature. Its nice to stretch a little at this time of year and stray a bit from my recent pattterns. Glad that you enjoyed.

me and my camera said...

Its always fun trying to find just the right words and the balancing of syllables when writing haikus, but I like all kinds of writings. Glad you enjoyed too.

Mary said...

Very expressive poem...and the bits of red really stand out in the winter landscape. That apple is so RED! Just like a fat cardinal :-)

me and my camera said...

You're right; there is a strong similarity between the Cardinal pic and the apple pic! :-)