Sunday, February 17, 2008

Open Brooks and Running Waters

A few woodland brooks and streams now have open and surface running water and it will probably be more so by the end of tomorrow as there has been a rainfall warning posted for then, accom- pained by a rise in temper -atures of a predicted high of +09 C (48 F). The waters take on colourful hues this time of year as under the surface is old ice, giving streams an amber sort of tint. And sometimes even that of richer colours from absorbed woodland roots and soil add resultant shades of deeper hues.
A few beginning lines from an old, favourite childhood poem, The River, by Canadian poet, Frederick George Scott (1861-1944), came to mind while I was taking these photos and I wanted to share them here.
Why hurry little river?
Why hurry to the sea?
There is nothing there to do
But to sink into the blue
And all forgotten be ...

Probably attracted by the open water, these two deer have wandered out upon the precarious river ice.

But all is well as they reach the shore safely and are joined by a third.


Mary said...

I like the colors in the water and rejoice that the ice is melting, but that the deer crossed safely. You see a lot of deer! Great poem.

me and my camera said...

There are a lot of deer around this time of year and I usually see at least one, or more each day somewhere. Rain tomorrow so more melting will be going on. Glad you enjoyed.

Sandpiper said...

I'm sorry. I had to delete the comment above. I'm having one of those days when I can't type without making a million mistakes. ;-)

So glad the deer made it across safely. These are such beautiful pictures. The area where you live is so picturesque. I love the poem!

NW Nature Nut said...

Love the deer on the ice photos!

me and my camera said...

It was a relief for me too to see the deer back on the shore safely too. During other seasons this is an area of strong currents and low falls, and one never knows at this time of year how strong the ice is under its surface.

Rain today, all day. This will make quite a difference to the river.

me and my camera said...

NW Nature:
These pictures were taken from quite a distance from the highway up above. Glad you enjoy.