Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Raccoons in the Snow

I had driven to this location yesterday, on the wild chance that I might sight a very early Common Goldeneye in the opening river there. However, no Goldeneyes, but Raccoons, yes! Not one, but two, foraging in a large, open field alongside the river adjacent to the highway. They were a distance away but one seemed to notice my parked car and slunk low in the grass as if undecided as to what to do; it's body posture reminded me of a cat. At one point it turned and headed for the woods behind it in the far distance, but then following the lead of the other, changed its mind and climbing the snowbank together they then proceeded to cross the road in front of me.
Once on the other side the shyer of the two immed -iately sought cover by climbing a big, old, spreading tree, while the other was successful in its continued hunt for food. Here it is pictured below; munching on an apple that it had found.


Mary said...

Wow! That last shot is fantastic! Look at al those sharp little teeth. I thought Raccoons were suppose to be nocturnal? Mine usually only come at night. The one does look exactly like a cat lying there in the grass. I have a cat that looks like a raccoon and I'm always afraid someone will shoot her!

Sandpiper said...

Oh WOWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! I just love these pictures and that last shot is an award winner. You must have been thrilled to get these shots.

me and my camera said...

I am also used to seeing Raccoons more often at night when they are unwanted guests at our feeders; but hopefully that won't happen here until sometime in the spring.

These two I saw were probably hungry and also hanging out together as January and February is their mating season. Glad you enjoyed the pics; this pair was an interesting find.

me and my camera said...

I am hoping the 'teeth' photo doesn't look too agressive as it is actuallty chomping on an apple. The Raccoon was quite a distance away; and I was on the other side of the highway, parked on the shoulder sitting in my car, catching a series of rapid shots in between passing traffic. It was a great photo opportunity.

RuthieJ said...

Raccoons are so much fun to watch. We had one as a pet when I was a child. They have the most amazing little "hands" and I love to hear their vocalizations with each other. Thanks for sharing those neat pictures.

me and my camera said...

Glad you enjoyed the Raccoon pictures. I often find their 'handprints' in the mud by the river during the summer and I have stored a few of them away in my photo archives. Thank you for the link, I will also link to you.

Brenda said...

Your area seems so much wilder than ours, ours being the most densely populated state. I absolutely love the raccoon eating the apple!! I have yet to capture one of these. Thanks for your comment about the owls.

me and my camera said...

My location is in New Brunswick, Canada and we are a more rural area than yours. The population of our entire province is approximately 750,800!

Glad you enjoyed the racoon picutres.