Monday, December 16, 2013

Female Red-winged Blackbird

We have learned by observing and reading, what birds are expected to do during certain seasons.  For examples there are certain species which we expect will migrate during the fall.  Therefore we are often surprised when we see an unexpected species after a huge snow storm.  This morning I thought I had seen a female Red-winged Blackbird in Bird Alley but it was too skittish and I could not get a picture at the time to verify my suspicions.  I thought I had seen it again at mid-morning, but once again I could not get a good view or a picture. Then this afternoon I had no doubt while watching it hungrily feeding at a feeder in front of me.!!!!! And I got its picture too this time!!!!!  Ah,.. the excitement and adventures of Bird Watching.. It is so enjoyable and fun to share all the  exciting happenings outside my window!

and it was a female Red-winged Blackbird!!!  What is it doing here still this far north in the wintertime.  We have had some very cold overnight temperatures! I wonder if it will try to hang around all winter?
Today we have had a total of 13 different species feeding here.  I was a little worried that I did not see the White-throated Sparrow early in the morning, but not to worry as it showed up to feed  this afternoon around two o'clock!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

A Snowy Day in Bird Alley

So far our snow accumulation is not too great this morning as we are experiencing our first real winter snowstorm today and it is predicted to be a pretty big one.  I was surprised to see quite a few birds arriving at Bird Alley looking for food, and thankfully finding it as my feeders were filled in anticipation of the storm.  My concern lies with the ground feeding sparrows, two species of which we have arriving daily and this morning as well: A White-throated Sparrow and a Song Sparrow.

In the picture of the Song Sparrow you can see that it has a seed in its mouth!  Wonderful, it is finding seeds on this snowy day!
I don't worry too much about the Bluejays and the Cardinals  as they are both big, strong birds who seem to manage to cope quite well for themselves.

  And Chickadees, these frisky little birds appear to be a bundle of energy no matter what the weather and they are very visible about Bird Alley this morning as are
the Goldfinch and the Tree Sparrows.  Also our regular Hairy Woodpecker and Mourning Doves have been feeding here this morning.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

NaturalLlowLight In Bird Photography

This morning I am responding to Donna's personal photo challenge titled, " Let there be light" and I am linking to Donna's blog at : a personal photo challenge

I am usually at my window early in the morning that faces our bird feeding area watching for the early arrivals at the feeders.  I await with my camera in my hand. I am usually too early to take pictures as the light is not yet full

and my camera often flashes me a " low light" message when I try to get a photo.  Sometimes however my camera, a Nikon D 3100 responds and snaps a photo.  I have been intrigued with some of the results of my low light  natural light early morning photos.  It seems that the lighter or more colourful areas of my subject are highlighted, such as in this first example of a Blue Jay where the white on its tail feathers. Often after having downloaded the photo I click on the 'auto level' feature on my photo software to bring out the low light  feature that has been naturally  highlighted. Please double click on the Blue jay photo to see the low light features more clearly.
Another low light photo this week was these two Goldfinch shown below.  The yellow at their throats was highlighted and I loved the contrast between the light and the dark in the photo. The background easily indicates  the low light of the early morning setting.
I am not sure how I captured the light in the next photo.  It is of a BlueJay with a yellow glow.  I love the yellow tones in the photo and I was surprised to see its glow as I downloaded the photo.. The light in this picture was fuller and was not of 'low light' as the stronger light can be seen on the fence in the background. To see the yellow glow surrounding the bird please doubleclick on the photo.

 One thing I like about' low light'pictures  is how the low light of the background appears to blend with the colours of the subject such as  in these remaining pictures of Goldfinch included below. 
Have a great day everyone.  Its almost light and  its time to check out my feeders to see what bird visitors we have today.  We  are averring about 10 different species each day recently and its a great way to get the day started.

Friday, December 13, 2013

recent surprise sightings

Yesterday, on December 12, 3013 I saw a flock of 40 or more Canada geese flying over the town of Oromocto near the waterfront.  Deciding to drive down to the riverside park we saw two whitish ducks flying up the open water there.  The ducks were two distant to get a good picture of them.
I don't tjhink I have ever seen a flock of Canadas so late in the year.  The temperature outside my windopw that morning had been reading at -16 degrees C.

A second bird surprise for me this week was in Bird Alley.  I saw movement among the small branches there and I was able to get this photo.  I feel like it is somewhat similar
to a find Waldo picture.  Can you see the little sparrow in the center of the picture?

Yes, if you have found a little White-throat
ed sparrow you were right.  shown above is a cropped picture of the sparrow in the center of the 'find the sparrow picture" I was surprised to see it as I don't usually see one at this time of year.  Each morning since this has been the first little bird that I see feeding each morning.  We also  have one Song Sparrow feeding here every day and also  Tree Sparrows visit our feeders daily.