Saturday, November 18, 2017

Red breasted Nuthatch for Saturday Critters

When we saw our first White breasted Nuthatch in Bird Alley, we kept hoping and watching everyday for a red breasted Nuthatch to appear and it finally did!

Its favourite choice of food is peanuts in our peanut feeder in our peanut feeder.
 and also I occasionally buy a cookie shape suet sort of feed in a net bag.  This is another favourite of this sweet little bird species.

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Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Which one???A deer in an Apple Orchard.

This orchard used to be fenced in, but the fence has been taken down and the local White-tailed Deer are taking advantage of the tasty treats. 
This first deer  picture shown below shows a deer with its tongue  out in anticipation of savouring a tasty apple!

"Ahha!  I think I will  choose this one!"

Saturday, November 04, 2017

White-breasted Nuthatch for Saturday Critters

It was lovely this week to welcome a familiar bird species back to Bird Alley.  The peanut feeder was the object of enticement and  it was a definite bird high to spy a White-breasted Nuthatch feeding there.  It feeds daily , sometimes making several visits!  It is the best of viewing out my living room window. Our kitchen view is that of a little nuthatch exploring all of the grooved crevices on the big, thick , old trunk of an ancient Maple tree along our driveway.  Whatever the location, welcome dear little bird.  we love you!

I am linking this morning to Eileen's Saturday Critters. Thank you Eileen for this Saturday oppoertunity to share and post our nature observations here.