Saturday, September 20, 2014

A Banded Tussock Moth Caterpillar for Saturday's Critters

I am often surprised and delighted with finding unexpected sightings in nature that I have never seen before!  This morning I had one such encounter when I found a

magnificent fuzzy yellow creature resting on a leaf of our Blue Jay Hosta.. After downloading the picture of this amazing looking caterpillar I immediately went searching for my valued field guide  which I have on caterpillars.  I finally located my copy of Caterpillars of Eastern America by David L. Wagner. Previous caterpillar sightings of other intriguing caterpillars suggested to me that this might be a Tussock caterpillar and I believe I was right. I love the magnificent set of eyes of this creature.  The eyes suggest to me that the eyes would indicate the portion of the body being that of the anterior end of the body( anterior; situated at the front of). and  on p.471 of my caterpillar field guide it states that  the Banded Tussock caterpillar" has conspicuous black and white lashes extending from the anterior end of the body" The photo
above illustrates that characteristic of this banded tussock caterpillar.
Another characteristic suggested in my field guide book was that "this caterpillar species frequently rest on upper leaf surfaces in full view" .  That fits  this fuzzy fellow also as can be seen as it lies in full view on a Blue Jay Hosta Leaf. It was so easy to see right there in the open.
Banded Tussock Moth Caterpillar lying on a hosta leaf in full view.

So I conclude that this is a Banded Tussock Moth Caterpillar found on a hosta leaf in Bird Alley this morning.
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Friday, September 19, 2014

Canada Geese

On our morning drive yesterday morning, we were hoping to see the Wood Ducks we had seen the day before.  We  saw one unidentified duck in the Monday Brook Pond and it was a disappointment that we saw no Canada Geese there either.  So we drove to another location where we usually see a Great Blue Heron, no heron sighting either, so we decided we may as well return home  BUT. look, there ;in the stubble of a   hay field in front of that beautiful farm.. a flock of Canada Geese in the field feeding.

I find Canada geese so picturesque and photogenic!  I love their long necks with the white neck notch.  Classy creatures!
This beautiful old yellow farmhouse is the perfect background for these magnificent flying  creatures!
A passing motorist frightened these geese into lift off!  Wow!!
Up, up and away over these red barns.
Flying away... until tomorrow geese when hopefully I will find you tomorrow. Keep flying and practicing to help your strong muscles prepare for your upcoming southern flight.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Finding Wood Ducks

I haven't found very many ducks this past summer/spring but yesterday I went to a favourite location for ducks at Monday Brook Pond and it was my husband who spied the movement along the weedy edges of the pond.  The ducks were distance and difficult to see but fortunately my camera followed their movement and from my photo capture I was able to id them as this year's Wood Ducks.  The striking white eye of the female makes for an easy identification and I could  also see the red of the male's eye.  This is a very beautiful species!

 It was such a joyful occasion to find these ducks that we hope to repeat the discovery again today as we are returning to the pond in just a few minutes. 
Also each time we go to this area we often see a great blue heron and a flock of Canada geese.  Maybe I can get a picture of those species also today.  Have a nice day wish to everyone!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A Young Spotted Fawn

I was hoping I might see some deer this morning while driving along a country road.  I pulled to the side to take pictures of a wild apple tree which had beautiful red fruit.  when I looked up from my picture taking I saw this beautiful fawn in front of my car looking at me.

This beautiful creature appeared to be  by itself. Apparently the mother doe will wean her young by September or October.  This fawn looked quite large to be a spotted baby and I am assuming it has already separated from its mother.
This was a wonderful encounter to begin my morning drive with.  I was hoping to see some Canada Geese or maybe a Great Blue Heron but the only nature creature whose image that I carried home in my camera was this young deer.