Friday, April 30, 2010

An American Kestral

Its behaviour was as if it threw us a challenge.  "catch me if you can".  This little falcon, an American Kestral was perched characteristically on overhead wires which bordered an open field.   We had stopped our truck at our approach and as it became aware of our approaching presence, it would veer off in an arc, over the field and return to the wires again just a bit further distance from us.  It never flew far and continued to return to the wires each time.  If I opened the truck door the sound beeping that a door had opened would chase the Kestral off.. It is always difficult to get a picture of a Kestral, but one advantage is that they are fairly predictable and often remain in the same location where they are seen. We had seen this bird last week and we expected to see it in the same place today and we did!.  Hopefully I will get many more photos of this handsome little falcon as the season progresses.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Yesterday's nature finds.

I try to take a drive every morning checking out a few favourite locations which include the river, a couple of ponds . an overview of a couple of meadows and an osprey nest.  Then I  return home to download what pictures I was able to take, Yesterday morning I found this one lone Canada Goose in the exact same location where I had found one last weekend.Its as if it was anchored there.  Its reflection was so lovely!  Previous to the Canada sighting I had seen a couple of Wood Ducks, but the photos I had taken were too distant to be interesting.  They were good only for identification.  Checking out another pond I saw  a most beautiful Red-tailed hawk fly off as I pulled my car onto the road shoulder bordering the pond. The red tail that it displayed in flight was astonishing in its size and colour.  It hurts to miss such  a good photo, for I often see Red-tailed Hawks but they don't always show such a beautiful  red tail.  I followed its flight until it landed in a tree and I was able to get a bit of a photo where I could still see the red of its tail. I have decided that I am going to drive to this pond and take a book with me so I can just sit and watch the pond area for a longer period of time and observe; and maybe photograph what birds, (hawks and ducks, heron and kingfishers) that I have seen there before visit during the day.  Its seems like it might be a worthwhile venture to me. Have a great day everyone! Ann

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Gaspereau on the move; up the North Oromocto River for Watery Wednesday

Usually every May, (this year it is happening in April) our river is a location of much activity as Gaspereau moving up river fight the rapids and falls they encounter to return to their spawning grounds further upstream. Large groups of gulls usually gather here to feast on the jumping , quickly moving fish in the fast moving current.

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Monday, April 26, 2010

Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Canada Goose for Scenic Sunday

I drove by this location and noticed something black and upright on the water.  I turned and came back to investigate.  It was the black neck of a Canada Goose.  It was very still, exhibiting no movement.  but it  is that kind of day. calm, a bit damp , perfect conditions for creating reflections on the water as can be seen.  This is definitely an appropriate choice for Scenic Sunday; a meme  of beautiful scenery. To learn more about scenic Sunday please go to: or to post your own contribution, please click on the link within this post.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Pine Siskin this morning

Another new arrival today in Bird.Alley today was a female Red-winged Blackbird(.shown above and just below) We haven't seen this bird for quite a while, so it was a welcome sighting.
Also this morning I noticed a Chipping Sparrow in Bird Alley, a new recent arriving of a returning species.

Also today we have had both male and female Purple Finch in our feeder area as well as White-throated Sparrows.

Friday, April 23, 2010

White-throated Sparrows today.

There were three White-throated Sparrows very busy in our yard all daylong today.

dark, cloudy skydrama for Looking at the sky on Friday

A sudden change in the sky accompanied by thunder rolling overhead alerted me to a sudden possible storm approaching but that was all that happened; the: sky did not cry. I didn't feel or experience any rainy sky tears. An hour or so later the sky returned to blue overhead, but it rained overnight as the ground is wet this morning. But thunder and rain showers are forecast for later this afternoon, we shall see. Happy Friday to all. We have newly returned bird visitors in bird Alley this morning, three White- throat d Sparrows.  And, yes, their pictures will be posted later

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wood Ducks for outdoor Wednesday

Of the photos I managed to get yesterday, this one above is my favourite, clearly showing the white eye of the female.and, in the photo below is the very colourful handsome male with his very distinctive markings

Usually I expect to find Wood Ducks on water, because they are ducks! But I have on occasion found Wood ducks perched in trees. This is not so unusual as Wood Ducks nest in tree cavities. I love finding a Wood duck in a tree! These photos below from my photo archives.Shown below is part of the wonder one can find outdoors!a male Wood Duck in a tree

I've been hoping to get some pictures of these Wood Ducks lately, although this year they seem to very elusive. Yesterday I found these five shown above;three handsome males and two white eyed female beauties. The pond water they were in appeared quite brown, the water probably has been stirred up by recent rain. This pond (shown above)used to part of a magnificent beaver dam. The dam has sincebeen successfully dismantled a few years ago due to possible danger of the pond overflowing onto the road or its surroundings. So far this year, I have found two great blue heron at this location and one kingfisher. I usually check out this pond every day. My special mayflower location is just a short distance up the road from the pond.. maybe I will look for the mayflowers there today

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Red-backed Salamander for Ruby Tuesday

When my husband overturned a rock he called to me. "I found a little red snake!", but it wasn't so for to first appearances and conclusions we were mistaken, for snakes do not have legs and this little salamander does.)Please double click on the picture above to see its legs!

.It spends most of its lifetime under rocks. The red-backed Salamander does not have lungs as most salamanders do and you can learn more about this little salamander by clicking HERE
"Home Sweet Home among and under rocks". This little salamander does not live in water!

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Shovelling Water!

No I'm not chasing it. I am standing on the highway in front of it with my camera. I was very happy to find these Northern Shovelors today. I haven't seen any recently or during the last couple of years. They are ducks 'in migration" I think their brown colour is so rich and beautiful; I was so pleased that this duck raised itself up, out of the water so we could get a better look of its full bodied colour, looking like a . a moist earthy colour to me and their big shovel- like bill is is interestingto see and so very helpful to them as they forage for food.
Hurry, hurry, I'm not going to harm you,I'll only take your picture at Jemseg, N. B.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mayflowers for Today's Flowers

Mayflowers (Trailing Arbutus)

While standing alongside an old dirt woods road I couldn't believe my eyes when I thought I saw little white flowers at the wood's edge. But I did see them!!
. I soon recognized them as Mayflowers (Trailing Arbutus), a most beautifully scented little wildflower. I have a favourite location where I find them each year, which I shall have to check on this week to see if thy are in bloomthere yet, but this is early for me to find such blossoms. Now I have another location to check on each year. As a young girl my best friend always seemed to find spring blossoms first, but now I know where to look and can share my exclusive information with others. It is such a joy to find wildflowers in bloom!. Next , I hope to find a purple trillium or a trout lily in bloom. It is wonderful to go for a woods walk with such a purpose. I am all the more richer today because of this Mayflower find this afternoon.
Thank you to Luiz,and Denise of Todays Flowers, for this opportunity to share beautiful flowers with others. For more flower photos please click HERE.