Sunday, December 21, 2014

Evening Grosbeaks on this First Day of Winter

Since our last snowfall, on Wednesday last, the birds have been slow in arriving at our feeders in the morning.  So I was delighted this morning to see some little Goldfinch arrive and I noted them in my daily bird list which I keep.  Whereas Bird Alley is at the side of our house, we also have feeders at the back  of our house which we watch from our dining room window.  Having just seen Goldfinch from my living room I then went to our dining room to check out the feeders there.  A white church feeder is hanging on a Plum tree outside this window and I saw several  large birds there with Goldfinch colouring.  I thought, OMG, those Goldfinch sure are big!!!  and I said that to my husband.  Then it dawned on me.  Not Goldfinch but often desired, and hoped for Evening Grosbeaks!!!!!  These big birds are not beautiful, but   they are impressive, especially the colourful males.  The sunflower seeds in the church feeder were rapidly being devoured.  Oh Happy day!!! even if it is  the first day of winter!  These birds have added a colourful excitement to my morning!!!  Welcome!! winter wanderers!!

                                                  above is a male Evening Grosbeak!

             I have since been out to refill the feeders and  I have spread sunflower seeds on a patio table on our  back deck in an attempt to entice them back.  Grosbeaks apparently like to feed on a flat surface such as the table offers.  I do so hope the Evening Grosbeaks return!!  Back to my window watching!!  Have a wonderful day everyone!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Blue Jays for Saturday Critters

We have had a lot of Blue Jays visiting Bird Alley recently, especially just after a snowfall on Wednesday night.
Blue Jays can be quite noisy and loud especially with their loud , piercing cries .
This Blue Jay above is just considering the possibilities of choice.
The peanut feeders are a very popular feeding location for these huge blue birds.
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Friday, December 05, 2014

A Pansy Blooming during December in my garden!

I  found an AMAZING SURPRISE!!!!! in my flower bed! A BLUE PANSY was in bloom there yesterday morning! This is quite an unusual  find for New Brunswick, Canada! The latest I have ever found pansies in bloom in our flower beds was at the end of October. I had always hoped our blooms would last until the Canadian Thanksgiving. and we achieved that goal this year. Perhaps we can now hope for a Christmas bloom? However to find a bloom yesterday has really surprised me! Last week at this time that flower bed was under snow and yesterday had been a day of freezing rain. This morning the outdoor temperature read at -3 degrees Celsius. All this to say we have been experiencing a bit of harsh winter weather extremes already. Bloom on hardy flower friend, Bloom on. Your beauty and endurance is much appreciated and esteemed!!!. I shall check on your progress each day. My cousin  in the Boston area reported having a pansy in bloom in her garden just a few days ago, and I was envious, No. more envy ,  as we now have our own astonishing Pansy bloom!!!