Monday, March 23, 2020

Newly returned species yesterday

A couple of wonderful finds for me yesterday while bird watching through the windshield of my car were Red-winged Blackbirds and Common Merganser ducks! Both were a surprise for me!

Also more bird watching through glass for me from my living room window overlooking Bird Alley was our regular Song Sparrow and a nice surprise of a 
couple of American Goldfinch.

Tra la la  la lay, 
I don't know what I'll find today!
Isn't spring wonderful!

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Canada Geese for Saturday Critters

Earlier this week while out looking for ducks in my regular daily checks, instead of ducks I found a small flock of Canada’s Geese.

I am linking today to
Eileen’s  Saturday Critters which can be found at
Thank you Eileen for hosting this weekly meme.

Saturday, March 14, 2020

Male and Female Goldeneye for Saturday Critters

Bitd sightings are very rare around here at this time of year. Yesterday I saw a Bluejay and this morning a small flock of starlings but neither sighting created any good photo opportunities. However this morning I also saw a pair of Common Goldeneye again. I have been hoping to get a good photo of a female Common Goldeneye but all I could get was a photo that showed its brown head
and a hint of its goldeneye,
The male that I saw this morning was a much cleared photo.
It is seldom that I can achieve a good photo of an goldeneye pair , however here is one I was able to acquire in 2006
Hopefully in the upcoming days I will be able to get a god picture of a pair of these ducks. 
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Thursday, March 12, 2020

My first Duck Sighting of 2020

Yesterday afternoon I did my rounds of my usual duck sighting locations at ponds and the river  I go to daily, and I found none.  However, on my way home I decided to check out my communitiy's local lagoon as I had noticed a few days ago that it now had open waters and glad am I that I did!!!  Yes, I saw a pair of ducks on the water there.  From the distance I could not visually identify them, so I got out of my car and walked to the gate enclosure and held my camera to the opening gap giving me  a view of the two ducks on the water. My Nikon slr camera picked up the images and thankfully for photo editing, which allowed me to edit a clear view of a male Common Goldeneye! What a beautiful sight it was.  I could kind of slightly id the female as well, but it was not a very clear photo capture.

 I shall check the river and pond today as I usually do to see if there are any arrivals there yet, but also I shall check out the lagoon and I will not be surprised to find the two goldeneye there again today! My spring obsession of experiencing my first duck sighting is over and now I shall contently enjoy any further sightings that I might achieve.  High on my to see list are Hooded Mergansers and Common Mergansers.
Have a wonderful day everyone!