Friday, October 30, 2020

A Female wood Duck for Saturday Critters

 I don't know how long they stay around but I found this female wood duck earlier this week in oue local lagoon.  Perhaps it is the last glimpse I will get of thes species until

il March 2021! I have always been very attracted to this female Duck because of her distinctive white eye!  I think it is quite beautiful!!! I am linking today to Eileen's Meme, Saturday Critters.  which can be found at

Have a safe and healthy Halloween weekend!

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Feeding Robin for Saturday Critters

 Its that time of year again when the Robins flock to our yard to deed on the abundant berries of our flowering crab apple trees,  American Bittersweet berries  and the many. many rose hips!

This morning this early feeder was seen in  our flowering crab apple tree.  Some of the little crab apples

can also be seen. I am posting this morning to Eileen's Saturday Critters which can be found at

Having a wonderful , safe and healthy weekend everyone!

Saturday, October 10, 2020

A Yellow Rumped Warbler for Saturday Critters

 We don't often see warblers in our feeder area , so it was a  very pleasant surprise to see this little Yellow Rumped visitor flitting about our trees a few days ago. At first I was confused about its id, but upon downloading the pictures I saw an unmistakable yellow showing under its folded wings on its lower back!

  Ah ha! it has a yellow rump!

A double check in a bird field guide and I was confident in identifying this sweet bird as a Yellow -rumped Warbler!

I am posting today to Eileen's Saturday Critters, which can be found at
Enjoy your weekend everyone