Saturday, October 28, 2017

Riung billed Gull for Saturday Critters

An assortment of gulls can often easily be found  along the river where we go shopping for groceries.

Yesterday the stand our gull was this Ring-billed Gull shown below.
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Friday, October 27, 2017

Rain Clouds in the Sunrise for Skywatch Friday

We have had a very dry summer and our riverbed has been showing more riverbed than water and it was with welcome relief that  a rainfall warning was forecast in our weather forecasts.  On the morning of the predicted rain the sky told us of  a change and that was of the approaching rainfall.  A red sky in the morning gave us a warning and the soft looking dark rainclouds gave us hope of the possibility of a rise in our water levels in the river.

And just to illustrate the change in our river yesterday morning.
above, the river before the rain and shown  below,  the river after the rain!
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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Pegeons on a roof for Saturday critters

Pigeons on a roof!  Sure not an inspiring title you say.  But, look closely at the group below and you can see two almost all white pigeons.

Actually it might be more interesting to read about white doves!  for these pigeons are actually Rock Doves. About a couple of years ago I used to see an almost white Dove often, but then it seemed to have disappeared, but apparently the genes were strong and have survived and been passed on to these two almost white doves I saw today and who knows what combinations or patterns with white that I may see in the future?!. I shall try to keep this group in my sightings in future days.  For example also within this group today was a dark Rock Dove with a splash of white on its wing! fascinating, huh!?
What an interesting sighting this was this morning.The Gray Jay I had waiting fore todays post will just have to take a back seat to these beautiful white pigeons.
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Have a wonderful Saturday everyone!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Lingering Wood Ducks

Although ts late in the year I am still finding Wood Ducks, though not many.  On Saturday last I found four ; 3 males and two females.

The most interesting thing about this duck sighting was the reflective water in the background. There it appeared to be perhaps  some sort of autumn Northern Lights representation and the floating leaves dotting the water could have been stars in the autumn night sky.   Whatever it appeared to be I was entranced with the scene portrayed there in the water
serving as a spectacular backdrop for the lingering Wood Ducks there.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Morning sunrise for Skywatch Friday

Last Monday I had taken an early drive to the river and I could see a slightly pinkish sky suggesting to me that the sunrise was soon to be expected. At first all I could see of any action was that of fog rising slowly from the river.

However the scene changed as soon as I had crossed the river.  The rising sun diffused the fog somewhat and created a scene of early morning beauty and tranquility.
Then the sun chose to visit with all of its strength and it coloured the early morning sky beautifully.
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Thursday, October 12, 2017

A Late Eastern Bluebird

A Late Eastern Bluebird

We don't usually have Bluebirds , especially in October!  but there is a Bluebird hanging around our yard which gives us tantalizing glimpses of its beauty now and then.  Like, on Sunday, we got a fleeting glimpse of it on the clothesline and earlier last week it was perched on a feeder hook in Bird Alley in clear sight! right in front of me!  These are unusual sightings for me at any time of the year.
Yesterday I spied bird movement in our Choke Cherry tree , which still has a few lingering berries on it.  I tried to take some pictures of the activity in the tree and I got some not so great pictures, of a Robin and a Cedar Waxwing and also of the two Bluebirds shown postedbelow.  I love them!

Monday, October 09, 2017

Two Almost all White Pigeons

I used to see a White Pigeon almost daily a couple or so years ago, But then I didn't see that pigeon anymore...until this morning that is.  I saw two almost all totally white pigeons feeding on the sidewalk with a few of their grey cousins and I managed to take a few pictures.  When they flew away  I think there were three of the white variety. I don't know what had happened to the white ones I used to see but the genes were strong and their uniqueness has been continued.  I am thankful for that on this Thanksgiving Monday here in Canada.

Monday, October 02, 2017

Its Pumpkin month!

Welcome to October , Folks.. This is the month when our world abounds with colour.. most outstanding of all is orange and leading the parade are large orange pumpkins on display at the local supermarket.  Here is Canada we have two seasonal celebrations where pumpkins  are often front and center on a certain special day.  Thanksgiving or Hallowe'en. A Thanksgiving dinner would be lacking without a traditional pumpkin pie being the highlight of the dinner... and of course what Hallowe'en celebration does not include that creative work of art? a Jack O' Lantern carved from a huge big pumpkin.  So make your choice early friends and neighbour as there are hundreds of those beautiful orange jacks or potential pies on display right now for your creative choice and sampling.  You can chose a suitable one which will yield a seasonal "yum, Yum" or a scary end of the month "EEk!  Your choice, folks!

 Have a happy seasonal October everyone!!