Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The ocean is calling me for for outdoor wednesday

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frog for watery wednesday

I really can't say for sure that this frog was having a bubble bath, but that's what it looks like!
Do you remember this frog we saw together E?

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Monday, June 28, 2010

Red sandstone beachscape for Ruby Tuesday

Durin high tide at St. Andrews -by-the-sea,in New Brunswick, Canada this red sandstone formation is covered by the salt waters of Passamaquoddy Bay. When the tide recedes we are gifted with a lovely walking area on the ocean floor. Please click to enlarge and you can see where to walk.

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yellow center of a water lily for mellow yellow monday

The beautiful yellow of this water lily is my mellow yellow contribution today

Friday, June 25, 2010

Tree Swallow Update

Tree Swallow gang. Now there's four at the Tree Swallow house. Are the two perched on the post babies? If so is there still one still in the bird house? it seems the adult has food for it still! What a busy location this is! Please click to enlarge.

These pictures were taken this morning in my backyard. We had thought there was only one baby Tree Swallow left in the bird house. We were wrong. There are two. Only after they have gone will I be able to comfortably be able to walk around our back yard. The adult birds are very wary and alert. While standing on our deck taking these pictures, they were diving at me, shouting angrily at me in bird language. We hope these babies get enough courage to leave today! I want the priviledge of walking peacefully around my backyard my yard back.
The adult Tree Swallow is very attentive in its feeding duties.

Have a great day! Editing news: The Tree Swallow problem has been resolved. At about 10:30 am. the last baby tree swallow left the nest. The Tree Swallow House in our yard is now empty!. There have been no more episodes of adult tree swallows diving at us. We can now enjoy the peasefullness of our yard again. It was quite an experience!

Approachable Nature

Often while driving down country roads looking for birds or some interesting nature sightings I see birds perched on overhead wires but when I approach the location carefully and slowly in my car they fly away. Not so this week. On two different occasions I have stopped my car beside and right under a bird on a wire, got out of my car and stood there to take the bird's picture without the bird even moving away. I had such luck yesterday afternoon while I took this picture below of a Cedar Waxwing.It was much easier getting its picture when it was standing still.

And on Monday of this week I had the same experience with a Black-throat ed Blue Warbler on an overhead wire.As I had been driving along a gravel dirt road I kept seeing White Admiral butterflies everywhere. So when passing a little dirt side road I saw two on the ground at its entrance. I stopped, got out of my car and approached them, they stayed where they were and didn't fly away. I like those kinds of nature sightings when I am out with my camera looking for something to take a picture of.Above a White Admiral butterfly. I hope I can find something interesting out there today, I'll be looking. Its a nice sunny day right now. Have a great day everyone!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tree Swallow Feeding Time

The first indication to me of nesting Tree Swallows was when I saw a swallow fly toward and enter this electrical box(shown above)
I think the box is now in disuse, other than by Tree Swallows that is. I had driven to this location to check on a Common Milkweed patch around there which is now coming into bloom. I am hoping to find some Monarch butterflies and also their caterpillars this summer. I am especially interested in Tree Swallows right now as the ones nesting in our Tree Swallow house in our garden have started acting rather hostile towards my husband as he is working outdoors They are diving at his head and
he has started to hold a plastic flower pot over his head to avoid their possible collision.. One also dove at me one day and came very close as I heard its cry close by my ear This has never happened before in all the years that we have had Tree Swallows nesting there. I decided to watch for the return of the swallow I had seen enter the hole in the electrical box and wondered if I would be attacked while sitting there in my car. "No",nothing like that happened as I watched one Tree Swallow feed the one that appeared in the opening of the nest box.In the picture above is the swallow that was being fed; a baby? Its quite adult looking don't you think?

That's all for now as the adult bird (the feeder) leaves.
Now that I know of this bird nest I shall take note of it again as I continue to check on the Milkweed Patch there, but I shall not make a nuisance of myself to the swallows. I shall remain sitting in my car as I was when taking these pictures. Have a great day everyone and especially to my little grandson who visits and reads my blog often.
As I had gone outside to get a picture of my husband and his 'protection strategy', this Tree Swallow at our Tree Swallow bird house, flew directly up into my face. Its a bit of an unsettling experience. They do not make actual contact, or impact but in my case it could cause me to move quickly and lose my balance and fall from the door step where I was standing.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mama Wood duck and her family for Outdoor Wednesday

There is a lot of action in the following first five pictures so to get the full visual benefit of their viewing it would be best to double click on the pictures to enlarge them.: the explanation as to what was happening follows. I often check this pond almost every day. In other years I have often found Wood Ducks there, but not so this year until Monday. I had pulled my car over to the gusrd rail that borders the edge of the road beside the pond water. All had been quiet until I saw much turblance of the water! A female Wood Duck with a hurt wing?? was frantically rushing back and forth in the water in front of me. The distinctive white of the adult's duck's eye immediately identified this duck as a female Wood Duck.

When her rushing back and forth activity had calmed down a bit she started vocalizing loudly and

all of a sudden I could see nine little baby ducks appear and start swimming towards the adult female. "Don't worry Mama Duck, I won't hurt your babies, all I want is their pictures", As I watched the little babies line up in twos, side by side they followed the mother duck as she

escorted them across the pond to the opening of a large drainage pipe on the other side. Swimming into the entrance of the pipe the Wood Ducks were 'home free' and hopefully lived happily ever after.

In the photo above you can see one little duck that has fallen behind. This little one last straggler continued behind throughout the escaping process but made it into the drainage pipe with the other babies and it remained with the duck family.

Outdoor Wednesday is a meme where you can vicariously view part of the magnificence of the great outdoors such as the photo above of the female Wood Duck and her young family.

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Black Skimmers for Ruby Tuesday

I find these birds delightful! It wasn't until I downloaded these pictures from an old floppy 3 1/2 disk that I realized what a treasure they are and remembering that I had never posted them I thought a ha! Ruby Tuesday pictures.
Black Skimmers: seen in the Florida Keys. Aren't their bicoloured bills so delightful!

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Monday, June 21, 2010

Blue flowers in my garden for Blue Monday

The soft , delicate blue of the Spiderwort above suggests a tranquility of beauty in my garden. Erly this morning I took this picture in my wet garden after a heavy rain yesterday evening. I have thisSpiderwort speciest in three varieties, pink, white and blue. They are all beautiful.
This closeup of s blue lupine with the use of s poster edge filter enhances the oval shapes which make up its blossoms. I also see that I have the blue blossoms of Veronica are now in bloom in my garden and the Iris blossoms have detoriated away.

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. Have a great Monday, maybe even a blue oane.

Friday, June 18, 2010

A Sunset for Weekday photos

A Florida sunset.
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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pelican memories for ThursdayChallenge

In keeping with the theme of metal and jewellery for this week's Thursday Challenge I am showing this pice of Pelican jewellery which I bought in Florida in 2000. Actually my husband bought it for me. I had never seen pelicans before but I got lots of pictures of Brown Pelicans which were prevalent there that year at Knight's Key, Marathon, Florida where we were visiting
These silhouettes taken from Sunset Beach at Knight's Key are almost duplicates of the pendant jewelery which I have.

Having gone clear to Florida to see my first Pelican wasn't really necessary for I saw this rare sighting of a White Pelican shown below in the Saint John river at Bear Island, New Brunswick, Canada in 2002 Go figure! What a surprise for me to take this picture there. The rarity of this sighting even made it into the newspaper.

Whie Pelican's might be rare sightings for Eastern Canada, but not so for Calgary, Alberta in western Canada. Shown below is a composite which I put together of photos I had taken of white Pelicans in Calgary, Alberta. These two Canadian sightings give extra meaning to my Pelican pendant!
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