Tuesday, April 28, 2020

A Road Crossing adventure

I had many interesting sightings this morning : Canada Geese, a Snow goose, a pair of Wood Ducks, a few Ring-necked Ducks, an Eastern Phoebe, several Grackles. On my way home there was a road crossing adventure. I spied a male Mallard Duck on the shoulder of the road waiting to cross, so I pulled my car over. meanwhile I had noticed two deer on the road shoulder just ahead of me. As the Mallard started to cross an oncoming car also stopped to help shepherd the Mallard across the road safely.

At the same time the deer were taking advantage of the stopped traffic and it crossed the road behind the parked car.
Once the Mallard and the deer were across. The other car and I pulled back onto the highway and drove on. As I pulled into the traffic lane, I saw a flutter of wings as the female Mallard which had been on the road shoulder with the male( unknown to me) flew across the highway to land in the ditch opposite. But all was well and ended wel

Ring-necked Ducks

In the picture above are two male and one female ring- necked duck.You can faintly detect the white eye ring of the female and the lighter coloured spur on its body The white spurs on the males can easily be seen.

Monday, April 27, 2020

Snowgoose second day update!

This morning I went to the exact location where I had seen the Snowgoose yesterday and the Canada flock was there and in the background a bit beyond the Canadas I saw the white Snowgoose!

The flock was silently feeding as I observed them and then all of a sudden the took off in flight.  The white of the snowgoose was a standout feature as it trailed behind the main flock of Canadas.
I hoped that I would not lose sight of them and frtunately they landed on the water of a n. earby pond. I could still see the snowgoose in the background.
Look carefully to off center left and you can find the snowgoose in the water.
The snowgoose then settled on s small island of land that had risen a bit from the water.
And that is where I left the snowgoose when I returned home around 7:30 a.m. this morning.  I shall check later on this  afternoon
to see if it is still in the region.

Sunday, April 26, 2020

A juneville Snowgoose

I wentbout early this morning, around 8 a.m. thinking thatbirds like to feed early.actually I was hungry too, but everyone else at my house was still sleeping. I came upon a flock of Canada Geese, about 25 or so, and at the edge of them I saw a white plastic bag ( or so I thought) , but then the plastic bag  started moving around

eeding! I suddenly realized that I was watching a Snowgoose! Snow geese are not native to my area or common. Every season a few are sometimes seen among Canada flock, but I had never seen one this close to my home before!! How amazing! And how beautiful it was! Upon returning home the curiosity of why it had a black beak was solved! We were able to I D it as a juvenile Snowgoose!  I hope it is still in my area to be seen, early tomorrow morning. However I have just been out checking the area this afternoon and broadening my search area and not a goose was in sight. Neither a Canada’s or a snowgoose

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Eastern Phoebe for Saturday Critters

I had pulled my car over to the shoulder of the highway and I was watching a pair of black ducks in the pond below. The morning light on the water was very beautiful! I had rolled down my car window to get a better view.

From my open car window I became aware of bird twittering and whisperings and then I heard a bird shout its name! "Phoebe". I was immediately alert  and pulled my car a little closer to the woods at the side of the pond. I could see movement within the area. then I spotted it! An beautiful Eastern Phoebe was sitting on a tree branch. How sweet it was!
I then left the area but returned there once more before I went home.Pulling up beside the pond again I saw a beautiful Great Blue Heron there in the water!
The heron decided to change location and flew off into the beautiful reflections of white birches on the water there in the background.
And that was the end of my observations at the pond yesterday morning.
I am linking this morning to Eileen's Saturday Critters which can be found at viewingnaturewitheileen.blogspot.com
Have a safe day everyone and a lovely weekend.

Friday, April 24, 2020

Feeding Tree Swallows.

Yesterday morning I chanced upon a very interesting activity of a huge number of Tree Swallows. These birds feed on bugs and insects and I saw many swallows swarming over the surface of an enclosed water space. They were moving so quickly that I could not focus on just one individual bird to get a photo. However from the many group pictures I was able to capture, I was able to isolate one bird and crop its picture from the many. A second photo shows several birds grouped together in their swirling and swooping.  

It was fascinating to observe them! Nature is full of surprises if you take the time to look around and observe the behaviour of the many creatures we share our daily lives with, you may find much beauty and delight in their behaviours. Hopefully I find something as equally as fascinating today. if so I will let you know about it tomorrow!

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Field Sparrow sighting

       Field Sparrow seen on April 22, 2020 in  our feeder area.
Its white eye ring and its pinkish bill are its defining 
identification features!

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

My first Great Blue Heron sighting of 2020

On Saturday, April 18 I saw a Great Blue Heron! and I hadn't even been expecting to see one!  It was so very beautiful, standing upright on the edge of the pond shore and its breeding plumage was so lovely, as well as its reflection there in the water.

Friday, April 17, 2020

Wood Ducks for Saurday Critters

 I still enjoy finding ducks and yesterday I chanced upon a couple of Wood Ducks in flight!

above is the male Wood Duck in flight.. below is the female Wood 
Duck, mostly identified by her grey feathers and her white eye patch.  She was slower in getting into flight than the male, although I enjoy her beauty as I caught her  in motion. I like her feathers in motion!

I am posting this morning to Eileen's Saturdays Critters which can be found at

Sunday, April 05, 2020

Common Goldeneye in flight

Yesterday morning I was very pleased to discover that my favourite pond for viewing  returning ducks had been almost clear ed of its surface ice. I like taking photos of ducks from my car at this location because my car can be parked on the road nearby and adjacent to the pond at this location. However the pair of Common Goldeneye present at the pond at that time saw mead I was watching them and the only picture I was able to get of them at the time was of their taking off in flight. I am especially pleased to have a good view of the female Goldeneye in flight.

Saturday, April 04, 2020

Crocus blossoms 2020

How beautiful and what an uplifting find this afternoon!  By some weekday next week I have no doubt that I shall have Crocus in full bloom outside my kitchen window, something to anticipate  as I make my morning cup of coffee each start of day!  How beautiful and awesome!