Saturday, July 25, 2015


I have only seen one groat blue heron fairly close so far this summer.  this heron had a lot of white on its head!... does the white indicate age? I have looked for this heron again but have failed to get another good view of it.

The heron had a lot of white on its head
                                           bye-bye heron!
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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Canada geese

Update: I haven't been posting much recently.  We have had visitors and my camera has mostly been taking pictures of grandchildren.  I have seen very few birds this month, just a few Chipping sparrows and Goldfinch at my feeders.  I have taken only one picture of a Great Blue Heron, the only close heron sighting I have seen and recently I have seen a few Canada Geese, however I missed the cute fuzzy yellow stage and now the young ones look to be almost in the teenage stage.  The best way to pick out the families is to see the groupings swim over the pond with an adult at each end of the swimming file.
One thing I have noticed recently was behavior of Canada Geese that I had not observed before.  I watched the adult geese stretching their long necks out before them over the water.  I wondered if this was a technique for searching for and finding food.  Here are a couple of pictures of their long necked behavior.

  All for now.  This morning I think I will go searching for this group of geese again and maybe if I'm lucky I will see the Great Blue Heron again!  I hope so.