Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Coltsfoot in bloom

Between a rock and a hard place

Finding nourishment while being rooted in rocks,

yearning for the sun;

Determination is its key to survival

Found yesterday in Quispamsis these Coltsfooot are my first photos of wildflowers in 2011. My daughter had found them while out for a walk. I had suggested that she look in places that attracted a srong stream of sunlight and she found these in a rocky bed of rocks alongside a roadside. Last year I had found this wildflower blooming in my garden on April 12th. , 2011. Maybe this year? I don't think so although I have already looked and have found no sign of their growth. Today I will search for their blossoms in an old favourite spot of mine for finding them along a railroad track which is another harsh environment that they seem to thrive in.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Beautiful Black Ducks for Blue Monday

This is the time of year when my photographic focus turns to open areas of water, ponds, rivers or lawn ponds created by melting snow or overflowing river areas etc. My hopes are often diminished though when seeing a group of ducks from a distant only to discover they"are only Black Ducks." My camera enjoys the more beautiful and exotic appearing ducks such as Hooded Mergansers, Goldeneye, etc. However my evaluation of the Black Duck images capturedby my camera this week have developed into more positive phrasescausing me to utter expressions such as; "How beautiful!", Wow!"

Blue has long been my favourite colour and this week on a couple of occassions I have been lucky enough to have taken pictures of Black Ducks showing their beautiful blue speculum on their wings in flight. This blue patch is very striking and makes a beautiful sighting when you are lucky enough to view it. And even though I am still anticipating sightings of green winged Teal, Ring-Necked Ducks, Pintails, Northern Shovelor, etc in the near future, I will value more opportunies to photograph, the beautiful blue speculum of a Black Duck' on the wing'
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Sunday, March 27, 2011

River Ice for Scenic Sunday

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Friday, March 25, 2011

Goldeneye head throwing

The above photo shows 'head throwing', a mating ritual of Golden eye Ducks. We saw many Goldeneye ducks yesterday in the Saint John river while travelling alongside it when driving on highway#105 at Maugerville and Sheffield.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

An American Robin for Ruby Tuesday

What a joyous sight this has been the past few days
watching red-breasted Robins scurry and forage in dried grass filled fields and meadows. Not so today though as winter has returned and everything out of doors this morning is covered with a blanket of white that has fallen overnight. Maybe a touch of Shelia's brush?
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Monday, March 21, 2011

spring promises in my garden

What an encouraging sign to find in my garden this morning! Crocus shoots pushing up out of the earth! Isn't spring wonderful? spring sighed and I watched
as melting snow created lawn ponds
awakened roots in the moist earth quenched their frozen winter thirst
and yearned to stretch their green shoots upward! Yes!
Welcome spring!!!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Goldeneye making their spring debut for mellow yellow Monday

Wow! Yesterday morning had been great for , the first day of spring! For many years now the coming of spring has been heralded with me finding Goldeneye ducks in the Oromocto river at Hoyt. Howener the past couple of years I have not seen Goldeneye at that location, but it was always such a pleasant occasion that I have persisted in looking in that area. As I drove across the bridge at that location yesterday morning, my heart do a bit of celebrating for I saw two ducks in the river showing lots of white on thir bodies. Could it be? My favourite duck sighting debut? Yes , it was! But only in downloading could I confirm the sighting as Goldeneye
With seeing the round white dot and golden eye appearing in my pictures I knew they were Goldeneyes. Without using binoculars when first seeing the ducks I could not see their Golden eyes. I had gotten out of my car to get a better picture and much to my displeasure the two ducks left flying upstream. Oh well, not a problem, for now that I know where they can be found, I will return another day!

Have a great spring day everyone!

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Welcome Spring! What took you so long?

Welcome Spring
Oh Happy Day! The first day of spring! Good bye winter, I am not sorry to see you go although your presence the last few days has been gentle. My apologies to those who have read this before. I wrote this several springs ago but it has become my welcome acknowledgement to this delightful season every since.

Personifications of Spring
spring whispered and I listened

as trees swung their bare branches in welcome

pussy willows basked in warm sunlight

lulled by blended sounds of mating melodies

singing ageless songs of hopeful renewal

spring sighed and I watched

as melting snow created lawn ponds

awakened roots in the moist earth

quenched their frozen winter thirst

and yearned to stretch their green shoots upward

spring shouted and I felt its power
as disintegrating river ice abandoned its frozen grasp

pelting rains and furious winds spurned slothful winter

and rivers swelled their banks with prideful freedom

while egg laden fish dreamed of journeying home

spring returned today and I smiled

and was content,

secure in my knowledge of its enduring loyalty

Friday, March 18, 2011

Recent spring sightings; Robins, Canada Geese and Grackle

My first sighting this morning was of these two Canada Geese in Blissville in the same pond where I had found Hooded Mergansers yesterday. I was hoping to find a larger flock in the area but had no luck finding anymore. I had gone to Hoyt at the flats there to look, but all I found there was a small floock of Robins. Not a problem, I would trade a bunch of Canada Geese for an early spring Robin sighting anyday.

This Robin shown above appeared to have two distinct lighter spots on its underbelly?
As it was raining it was rather difficult to get more pictures while getting wet and wetter. I was just so very happy to see my first Robins of 2011.
This is my most favourite grackle picture. I love the' bokeh effect' in the background, no not broken , but bokeh a Japanese photographic term used to describe an out of focus area of the image. I think I might try to reproduce this scene in a wall hanging. It will be an interesting challenge

Yesterday this grackle shown above flew into Bird Alley and checked things out for a while. It didn't stay long, but I am hoping it will return bringing all of its hungry buddy, even its usual springbird sidekick, a Red-winged Blackbird would be welcome to add to my enjoyment of seeing and photographing more spring migrants that are returning.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Blissful Revisited

This picture of a male hooded merganser and the link I have included http://naturetales.blogspot.com/2010/03/feeling-blissful-in-blissville.html )may help you understand why I have chosen the name I have used for this post. The Hooded Meganser photo which I have used was taken this morning. It is the first duck I have seen this year in 2011. Ducks symbolize spring to me! It is all about returns and new beginnings. I find this species especially beautiful. I found these ducks this morning ( 3 of them) in Blissville. The link I have included is for a post of my first Merganser sighting last year. It was a blissful experience! Last year on March the 7th., 2010 was when I saw this species for my first pre-spring sighting! in the same community as this morning's sighting.This morning I had seen 2 males, but knew there was a third duck as I saw three taking off when I was taking their pictures, and later;, when downloading the photos I saw a female at the edge of one of the photos of the male. In the photo below the female merganser in in the far right corner, the female of this species is not as exotic looking as the male.
Tomorrow; Gray Jays. I saw a couple at Three Tree Creek yesterday and one along the Branch Road this afternoon. Spring does keep one busy taking pictures! Enjoy.
F. Ann

Red Fox

Yesterday morning I decided to take a drive to see if I could find the ducks that I had seen in a flooded field a few days ago. In anticipation of seeing the ducks again I put my 400mm telescopic lens on my camers for the ducks I had seen were too far distant for making an id. Anyway that was my plan and it was a bit exciting in its anticipation as they were the first ducks I had seen this year so far in out area. But I didn't come home disappointed although I saw no ducks! Instead I saw a handsome red fox relaxing in a field very close to the road. It had the stance of an animal sunning itself, although there was no sun to be seen in the cloudy overcast skies. Ah.. haWe all have our spring dreams, maybe foxes included!

As I was driving by it suddendly registered in my head, that was a fox! I love to see foxes and I hadn't seen any lately though I was anticapating and hoping to seeing one soon! I braked slightly and slowed but I was not in a good position to take its picture.I was dissapointed assuming that my braking may have alerted it to possible dangerand it may have left, however I continued on down the road to a farm driveway and turned there., taking the time to roll down my car window and ready my canera. Returning to where I had seen the fox, I found that it was still there!!!, I don't think it had moved or changed position. This was one cool animal. Several cars had passed since I had first seen it, but it remained un disturbed.

Even when I pulled over onto the road shoulder opposite it and pointed my 400 mm lens out my car window at it. Then I had to readjust my car positioning to get a frontal, shot of it as above.

After several pictures there was still no movement from the fox. Then it turned its head which allowed me a profile shot.

I was starting to wonder if it was ever going to move when a rather noisy vehicle passed and it sat up.

I waited to see any further movement, then it raised a paw.
Then it stood.

And walked and ran away out of my sight.

I am going out again soon this morning, It had rained yesterday, Maybe I'll find those ducks again this morning, ot maybe I'll find something else? something unexpected!

Monday, March 14, 2011

a yellow tail strip on a white waxwing for mellow yellow monday

Although this sighting of a almost all white bohemian waxwing was rather unusual to see, I was pleased and surprised to see that it still retained the characterisrtic yellow strip scross the bottom of its tail of a waxwing! The yellow tail strip is also evident in the header picture.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

A White Bohemian Waxwing sighting today at Oromocto

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On Thursday of last week, on March 10 I saw a rather unusual looking bird among a group of Bohemian Waxwings. The bird was almost all white, with the exception of a few coloured markings which identified this white bird as a Bohemian Waxwing also. The bird's undertail was a rufus colour and also it had a narrow yellow strip across the end of its tail feathers which is characteristic of all Waxwings. The bird was feeding on what appeared to be small red crabapples found on a group of small trees which bordered the parking lot of Guy Frenchys along the Restigouche Road in Oromocto. I hadn't noticed the white bird at first as I was busy taking picture of the large group of Bohemian Waxwings feeding there. Imagine my surprise and delight! when this beautiful bird appeared in my camera lens!

The white waxwing really stood out among the others. This was an outstanding sighting!