Saturday, November 27, 2021

  1.  Birdwatching! Up until recently, David and I were the main birdwatchers living in our house! However that is until we adopted our cat that we named Meadow. Meadow is a pretty tortoiseshell cat and the colour combination on her back reminded us of a colorful autumn meadow.! Meadow loves to sit and watch the birds in Bird Alley from our living room window! Most exciting of all to her is when a bird lands on the window feeder attached to the window! Meadow's reaction along with major tail wagging is to claw at the glass, hoping she can touch the bird! She is fascinated! We have seen Chickadees' land at the feeder but also Meadow and I have seen, Goldfinches and a Nuthatch. However the birds do not linger and it is difficult to get pictures of all of the visiting species.