Sunday, November 26, 2006

Common Goldeneye

I enjoyed many sightings of Common Goldeneye along the St. John River yesterday but they were rather skittish whenever I stopped along the highway to view them from my car. That's the reason why most all of my photos included in this post are of departing Goldeneye in flight or take off. I had to catch these beautiful birds 'on the wing' as they quickly dispersed.
Although the round white circle on the auriculars of the male Common Goldeneye is an easily identifiable marking (not to be confused with the white crescent of the less common Barrows Goldeneye); it is the 'golden eye' of this duck from which it derives its name. In the composite photo below, (of photos taken in 2004), the golden eye of both the male and female Common Goldeneye is easily seen.

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