Sunday, April 29, 2007

male Common Merganser

While crossing a bridge over the North Oromocto I saw a couple of male Common Mergansers at a bend in the river further upstream. After taking a few, very long distance pictures, which were more landscape than wildlife orientated, I noticed that the mergansers had moved slightly downriver closer to my position so I decided to wait on the bridge above to see if I could get a closer view of these very attractive ducks. This fish-eating duck's colouring, in its male adult breeding stage, is rather spectacular I think. Having a white belly and breast, dark green head, red bill and feet, dark eyes, grey rump and a black back; the colours appear intense with their striking contrast.

Common Mergansers prefer open water of rivers and lakes . As can be seen in the photo above; the fast river current was pushing quite stongly against the merganser's body.

When these male mergansers got closer to the bridge I was able to get a few overhead pictures before the 'burst of clicking' from my camera alerted them of my presence.

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