Monday, September 10, 2007

European Garden Spider?

I have read that an European Garden spider has five or more large white dots forming a cross on its back and I think that is what this spider might be. This spider species are also orb- weavers. I photographed this spider while in the Montreal, QC, area in late August. The photo to the left shows the spider's underside. I would appreciate any comments which might verify the id of this spider.


Kingsdowner said...

I'd agree that your spider looks like a British Garden Spider (I've put a brief note on my blog showing one in our pear tree).
There are a number of garden spiders (mine is a cross garden spider apparently)

Yours is a very interesting blog, especially since it reminds me of a week we spent in New Bruswick 25 years ago, staying Sackville.

me ann my camera said...

Thanks for your reference of the spider picture on your blog. They are very similiar. There is a wonderful waterfowl park at Sackville which I always enjoy visiting when I am in that region.
Thank you for your comments.

Anonymous said...

I found one of these on the edge of my lilac bush...I live in Amarillo, Tx (24 yrs at same house) and this is 1st time I've seen one of these

Anonymous said...

I've recently seen a few of these in my dads garden, and they are quite a large spider for a common garden spider, I'm in the process of doing some research on them, so far all i've found out is that the latin name is Araneous diadenatus (Common Garden spider) and the females are much larger than the males and they devour them after mating. I hope that helps you a little, if you can find anything out from name i'd appricate any info you can find also. Email Good luck :)

Oh btw i noticed most of the posts are from peeps in the usa i'm in the uk.

Anonymous said...

Oh i also forgot to mention, i have a few pics of them, if your interested i can mail you them.