Thursday, November 04, 2010

Bird Alley Update

Bird Visitors are surprising me daily with their presence in Bird Alley. Yesterday was the sighting of s female Northern Cardinal! That was a surprise. for pictures please scroll down to yesterday's post or look up at the header of this blog for the female Cardinal's picture.. Also yesterday in the late afternoon we saw a White-throat ed Sparrow, it was too frisky scrstching in snd scattering leaves to get a good picture of it; We also have a Song Sparrow daily. I am eagerly awaitaing a Tree Sparrow to join in with its sparrow cousins. also in on the feeding action was a Red-breasted Nuthatch, They are always so delightful to see!. A big surprise yesterday afternoon was this female Evening Grosbeak!( see below) feeding on the ground below my viewing window. This grosbeak wasn't a total surprise as earlier in rhe week, on Tuesday we had a visit from three or more male Evening Grosbeaks.The males are the more colourful of the species with vibrant yellow colouring on their wings and their yellow forehead.
Continuing on a more colourful theme, this little male Downy Woodpecker drew in the red hues of its background and the red netting on the suet/ seed bell that it was getting such enjoyment feeding upon, creating a soft reddish hush to the lovely scene. show below.And in my bird alley roll call I can't forget the frequent presence of the little slate-coloured dark-eyed Juncos which are so prevalent every day. And of course I must make mention of the presence of the many BlueJays and Mourning Doves that drop by.
I am not sure what surprises Bird Alley will present to me today? I hope it is something spectacular. I must post this and hurry to my viewing window. Have a great day everyone.


Appalachian Lady said...

The Evening Grosbeak photos are great. You sure have a lot of nice birds visiting you.

Mary said...

I'm so glad you had a Cardinal stop by! Those Grosbeaks are lovely...I don't get those at my feeders.