Thursday, March 17, 2011

Red Fox

Yesterday morning I decided to take a drive to see if I could find the ducks that I had seen in a flooded field a few days ago. In anticipation of seeing the ducks again I put my 400mm telescopic lens on my camers for the ducks I had seen were too far distant for making an id. Anyway that was my plan and it was a bit exciting in its anticipation as they were the first ducks I had seen this year so far in out area. But I didn't come home disappointed although I saw no ducks! Instead I saw a handsome red fox relaxing in a field very close to the road. It had the stance of an animal sunning itself, although there was no sun to be seen in the cloudy overcast skies. Ah.. haWe all have our spring dreams, maybe foxes included!

As I was driving by it suddendly registered in my head, that was a fox! I love to see foxes and I hadn't seen any lately though I was anticapating and hoping to seeing one soon! I braked slightly and slowed but I was not in a good position to take its picture.I was dissapointed assuming that my braking may have alerted it to possible dangerand it may have left, however I continued on down the road to a farm driveway and turned there., taking the time to roll down my car window and ready my canera. Returning to where I had seen the fox, I found that it was still there!!!, I don't think it had moved or changed position. This was one cool animal. Several cars had passed since I had first seen it, but it remained un disturbed.

Even when I pulled over onto the road shoulder opposite it and pointed my 400 mm lens out my car window at it. Then I had to readjust my car positioning to get a frontal, shot of it as above.

After several pictures there was still no movement from the fox. Then it turned its head which allowed me a profile shot.

I was starting to wonder if it was ever going to move when a rather noisy vehicle passed and it sat up.

I waited to see any further movement, then it raised a paw.
Then it stood.

And walked and ran away out of my sight.

I am going out again soon this morning, It had rained yesterday, Maybe I'll find those ducks again this morning, ot maybe I'll find something else? something unexpected!


Ruth Hiebert said...

I am excited just to read about this adventure.What a cooperative fox and now you have gorgeous pictures of it.He looks very healthy.Thanks for sharing this adventure with me.

Stephanie V said...

What a wonderful series of photos! Beautiful animal.