Friday, October 07, 2011

Heron Refections for weekend reflections

These two wonderful pictures which show reflections of a great blue heron in a pond were taken by my son `Davis.
Davis and His family are wonderfu1lly nature orientated and their backyard is very close to forest trails and two freshwater ponds
My grandson David in the foreground is delighted with this view of a great blue heron. Thanks for your permission to use your great pictures Davis/ a meme where you can view beautiful reflections captured by others. Just click on the logo on the right to see what others have captured with their cameras


Bill S. said...

Those are wonderful pictures. Great Blue Herons are fun to watch unless you own a fish pond.

Stephanie V said...

Great reflection pics! All the better for being almost monochromatic. The lights just seem to illuminate the whole scene.

Mary said...

Those are really interesting! I like that first one in particular.