Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Your Eyes May Deceive You! Baby Bird On A Branch.

Earlier this week I was sitting on my back deck reading when I heard a loud "squawk".  I looked up and saw an adult Sapsucker had landed in our Plum tree. And then I thought I saw a baby bird on a branch of the tree.Hmmm.. I thought, " so that's what all the loud squawking was about.  I immediately put my book down and went into the house to fetch my camera. when I returned with my camera the adult, noisy sapsucker was gone, but the baby was still there!  Wow! what a photographic opportunity. I took a few pictures of the baby bird with my closeup scope., I was delighted.  But then I noticed the baby(?) hadn't moved at all. Was it even breathing?  No, it wasn't! It wasn't a bird but a bird shaped growth on the branch! :-(  Sometimes your eyes can deceive you.  The bird shaped  find is still there this morning as I just went out and took its picture!! It looks quite real doesn't it?


Misty DawnS said...

Hehe Yep, I had similar things happen to me!

Mary said...

LOL! Sounds familiar! I have done that sort of thing so often. I'm just sure I see a bird and take a dozen photos and then find out it was nothing. Better to take the photo than miss a real one :-)