Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Raccoon's Lucky Day

     This was one lucky raccoon who chose to cross a busy street on Sunday in downtown Fredericton.  It made it safely across the street... and just a comment on a lesson learned by me.  I most always take my camera with my telephoto lens attached onto it, with me.  But on this day I just had my little point and shoot Sony camera.  Later in the day we came upon a flock of Canada Geese and a handsome Great Blue Heron, but alas I didn't get successful pictures.  My lesson was half learned.  I say half-learned for I went out yesterday morning and spied a beautiful white-tailed deer in the Currie woods.  i did not have the appropiate camera with me. Today, when I go out I shall take the appropiate camera with telephoto lens with me!

1 comment:

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

What was that raccoon thinking?? Okay, maybe it wasn't, but I'm glad it made its way to safety!!

Don't feel so bad, I have had the same thing happen with my camera too!