Thursday, September 18, 2014

Finding Wood Ducks

I haven't found very many ducks this past summer/spring but yesterday I went to a favourite location for ducks at Monday Brook Pond and it was my husband who spied the movement along the weedy edges of the pond.  The ducks were distance and difficult to see but fortunately my camera followed their movement and from my photo capture I was able to id them as this year's Wood Ducks.  The striking white eye of the female makes for an easy identification and I could  also see the red of the male's eye.  This is a very beautiful species!

 It was such a joyful occasion to find these ducks that we hope to repeat the discovery again today as we are returning to the pond in just a few minutes. 
Also each time we go to this area we often see a great blue heron and a flock of Canada geese.  Maybe I can get a picture of those species also today.  Have a nice day wish to everyone!

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