Monday, February 02, 2015

Happy Groundhog Day

Dear Mr Groundhog,
Don’t be afraid,
If your shadowy image you see
Stay around without fear
And let us know that spring is drawing near.
A sunny or cloudy day
Shouldn’t a legend make
For, anyway, many think you’re just a fake

Enjoy your day that’s named just for you
And please give us a good report, please do!
Because dear Mr. Groundhog,
I believe in you.
Another blizzard is forecast for our area today, however on a more positive note, with such a forecast, so  a groundhog perhaps won't see its shadow.. think positive!  An early spring may be forecast.  I certainly hope so!  there is no more room in our yard for snow!!!
Have a wonderful Groundhog Day everyone!!!

1 comment:

eileeninmd said...

Happy Groundhog day.. It is raining here this morning so I doubt there will be any shadows seen.. Enjoy your day and have a happy week!