Wednesday, March 23, 2016

First Robins of Spring

Last evening my husband called to me. "There is a Robin looking in the window at me.  He didn't have to say , "Get your camera", for in a second I was grabbing for it!  Seeing that first Robin is a special spring moment  for me which asserts the fact that winter is over, although we received about 15 centimetres of snow the day before.  But I can fasten my eyes on that beautiful red breast and forget about all that white stuff hanging around on the ground outdoors.  The beautiful Robin he saw was perched in a Manitoba Maple tree in Bird Alley.  My camera and I were lucky as I snapped its picture.

 I got its picture just before it flew off  to perch in our Choke Cherry Tree.
I always associate a robin with new beginnings and a renewal of life, within a new season such as spring.  Several years ago I returned home  in mid -April after a two month stay in a hospital while recovering from a mild stroke. On my first trip outdoors on my own I saw a robin on our lawn and it struck me,  "I could have missed all of this beauty and renewal  of spring and life but thankfully I had had good care and physiotherapy and I was back on my feet again able to explore and enjoy all of nature's beauty. Seeing that Robin that day reminded me of all of my blessings. And today I truly love and appreciate that first Robin sighting every spring as to me it is a celebration and continuing of life!
This morning started with flurries in the air but I went out searching anyway with my camera and I found two more Robins. The robins were feasting on a Sumac.
above, a robin on a sumac branch

looking up to find berries
see the red berries above the robins wide open mouth, yum, yum


Anne said...

We have the occasional robin with us but the big surprise, this spring, was the appearance of a woodpecker. In 18 years of living in this house, we have never seen a woodpecker until this spring. It was pretty exciting.

Lowcarb team member said...

I've always loved robins too ...

All the best Jan