Monday, July 30, 2018

A Red Fox visiting our yard!

I had just arrived back home from my morning drive looking for birds or wildlife to photograph when upon getting out of my car I spied this RedFox in our back yard. As it saw me it ran across the highway and disappeared. I had shouted to my husband,David to come and when he came I explained that I had just seen a Fox!. And suddenly David said, "Here it comes again!" and I turned and saw the fox at the beginning of our 
driveway, but when it saw us it ran away again across the highway

. Thankfully Shakey , our cat ,was inside our house asleep on our bed. Shakey has been outdoors a lot recently during the daytime, But. "NO MORE SHAKEY! Outdoors is off limits to you for the time being!" Foxes are smart and we suspect it knows that there is a cat around here!!
We knew a fox was around as David had seen one in the adjacent meadow a few weeks ago, but we hadn't seen it since, until this morning! We had relaxed a bit and had started letting Shakey out a bit in the past few days! "But no more Shakey! Consider yourself grounded for the next few weeks!!!"
"Probably for the rest of the summer!"

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