Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Gray Squirrel

I don't always appreciate the beauty and grace of
Gray Squirrels for they are frequent uninvited visitors to our feeder area and some times there are two or three at a time. We also have Red Squirrels and Chipmunks here at times too. However this squirrel in these photos was walking along the railroad tracks and wanting to cross the railroad bridge when I came upon it last week. It ran along the sides of the bridge and then would hop down onto the tracks. It wanted to pass me and go to the other side but was hesitant to get too close to me. It would approach and then run back again. I moved as far away as I could and walked slowly along the foot bridge. Although we were still quite close to each other the barrier between the footbridge and the railroad bridge seemed to be security enough for it and it finally made it to other side.

Notice the reflection of the Squirrel's paws in the gleaming rails.

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