Saturday, October 13, 2007

Clouded Sulphur Butterfly

As this is perhaps my last butterfly sighting of the year I thought it was worthy of a posting. I had been out to a nearby pond this morning but had found nothing of interest to photograph and upon returning home I decided to take a walk around our flower gardens. At the back of our side lawn I saw this Clouded Sulphur clinging to the tall grasses at its edge. At first the butterfly was difficult to see as it blended in so well with the grasses . I pulled some of the grass in front of it to get a better focus and then having put my camera on macro placed the lens almost on top of it. I assumed it was dead as it had exhibited no movement at all. I picked the blade of grass it was on and thought I would place it on our patio table so I could study it leisurely for seldom do I get such an opportunity; but as I transferred the blade of grass to my other hand the butterfly flew away.

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