Friday, February 29, 2008

Breakwater Cat

Can you see it? I didn't right away but my husband did. At first; finding this black and white cat sitting among the black and white and gray rocks of this ocean breakwater was as difficult as finding a white rabbit in the winter on a snowbank!
What a handsome cat this was! Perhaps it is a feral cat, a creature of the wild? It had a bit of an unkempt, wild air about it; or perhaps it was just out for a daily hunt and lived at the house just up around the bend.
editing note: March 1st
I thought this might be a good place to insert this picture below. This is one of my favourites, of two cats looking our window watching a Raccoon at one of our feeders. This picture also ties in well with the (previous), following post on Raccoons.... sort of like a last transitional sentence in a paragraph. :-)


RuthieJ said...

I bet that was the one creature you never expected to see at the shore, wasn't it?
(I used to have a cat that looked just like that!)

me ann my camera said...

We had a cat like that too, and we loved him dearly for almost 18 years. You're right, this cat yesterday was a surprise, but rather a neat surprise!

Mary said...

It's a beautiful cat....speaking as a great cat lover :-) I sure didn't see it until I enlarged the second picture! Blending in probably helps him eat well :-)

Sandpiper (Lin) said...

What a beautiful cat!! I never would have spotted it!

me ann my camera said...

It was a fun sighitng. I like cats too and for some reason hadn't thought of doing a post on them before. So, glad that I had seen this one.

It was that kind of picture in that you had to look at it twice... glad that you did. :-)

bobbie said...

This last picture is a real winner!

Sandpiper (Lin) said...

I love your addition!! Sooooooooo cute!!