Friday, December 09, 2011

CanadaGeese have returned to my favourite pond!

I have been watching a particular flock of Canada Geese in my favourite pond since early November. Most days I could find them, sometimes they were in a field where a crop of corn had been harvested. Recently though the surface of the pond had become iced over with a skim of ice and they had disappeared. They hadn't gone too far though for this week with lots of mild temperatures and rainy days, the ice skim has melted the geese have reappeared again. Most days when I sight them on the pond they are out near the middle,too far away for good closeup pictures . Yesterday however, they were quite close to the shore of the highway where I sat in my car and took a few closeup pictures of them. There were only eight geese in the group on Friday, Perhaps only a few returned and the others are still en route to more southern climes. Whatever? but I did enjoy seeing them so close up. I love the colour in the eye of the Canada in the top photo. The eye of the goose below can also be seen quite well if you look for it.

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eileeninmd said...

Great shots of the geese, I am glad they didn't go far. Have a great day.