Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sharp-shinned Hawk Update

After having had a visit from a sharp-shinned hawk yesterday at our feeder area. I knew it would be back today, and I was right! After seeing a small flurry or squall of Goldfinch fly past my window in a frantic hurry!, I heard a loud thump as something banged into my window. A Sharp-shinned Hawk in pursuit? Yes! I saw it on the ground below the window. It sounded like quite a big hit, but it appeared none the worse for its collision. After it gathered itself together it flew to the rose bushes and scrambled down to the ground in the middle of them. I think my hawk watch days have begun. I think out little Goldfinch buddies are winning so far. Hawk 0
Goldfinch;lots of them still flying around!

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grammie g said...

Hi is so hard to see the Hawks after the little birds..I had a Sharp Shin land on my deck and pick of a bird !
I was upset , but have to remember they have to eat to : {
I bet he wishes he hadn't landed in that thorny rose bush : }!!