Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A White -faced Rock Dove ( Pigeon)

Yesterday we were quite intrigued when we saw a large group of pigeons on wires crossing the river. There were about 65 pigeons perched here. As you can see in the top photo a couple of these pigeons had white tails.

A closer and more focused look, in the photo below showed that one of these pigeons also had a white face

 The pigeon with the white face also had a partial white breast as well as a white tail. These features are shown in the profile ( sideways view) of the pigeon in the photo below. 
I find this fascinating!. A short while ago this
past summer I had seen a white pigeon perched on a barn roof about 7 km from this location.I had posted about it here. http://naturetales.blogspot.ca/2012/07/we-saw-white-pigeon.html We think there are several pigeons in the area that have partial white patterning and the flocks intermingles with eachother. I shall try to record more observations of this fascinating group in the next while.

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