Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Seed Dispersal

Autumn is a time of year for seed dispersal and renewal:As the process of regeneration begins anew seed pods filled with determination for next year's renewal  play their role as programed and designed by nature. The packaging and wind dispersal is a delight to observe; take for example: the beauty of an exploded milk weed pod and their delicate seeds awaiting dispersal.  The wind comes into play as an important source of deliverly. Cattails, solid beauties in their summer development,
 come apart or unglued as their solidarity ends and this action and the wind become a source of their dispersal; they seem to just fall apart! 
White fluffy stuff flying through the air to unknown destinations have been sources of beauty and programed purpose.
  Our Manitoba Maple Tree hangs lush with winged seeds awaiting dispersal.
  The packaging of hollyhock seeds have long been a visual delight to me since childhood. The testimony to this delight can be found in my summer garden today. and I could go on and on... Go find some seeds today out there and help nature in its quest to be bountiful. This is a marvellous time of year filled with the optimism of renewal! Go seeds go! Do your thing! Happy Landings! See you in the summer in your new growth garb!


Mary said...

wonderful photos of all the seeds of fall. They make such nice subjects for photos and are so lovely.

Becky said...

Sometimes the kid in me likes to help the seed along. I love to watch the milkweed puffs on the wind. Giving that cattail a gentle squeeze and watching it sort of quietly explode would be way too much temptation for me.

tahir sumar said...

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