Friday, August 26, 2016

Painted Turtles

Today I have a new goal in mind.  I am hoping to find a bale of turtles! Yes, I used the collective noun for turtles, a whole bunch of them, a bale!
Earlier this week I took a picture of a Painted Turtle resting on a partially submerged log, just the one turtle with its reflection in the water below it!

After having taken the picture shown above I drove on up the highway but before I returned home I passed by this location again and snapped another picture! Imagine my surprise when downloading my second picture at home to see not one , but three painted turtles there!
As I enjoy seeing turtles, yesterday I decided to go and see if I could see the same turtle at the same location.  I looked and yes, there was one there!  I took its picture and a surprise again upon downloading. Not one but two turtles.  see the smaller one on the log to the right!
Now my question. I wonder what are my chances of finding many, a bale of turtles on the log there in the pond?  I shall follow up the possibilities during the next few days.  "Hello Pond, I'll be there shortly this morning."  Oh Happy Days of discoveries.  How wonderful nature is!!

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