Thursday, August 04, 2016

Pink Primrose Moths

Whenever I notice Common Primrose in bloom along the roadsides I start looking for the beautiful little night moth that feeds on it. The first time I saw a pink Primrose moth nestled within a closed withered blossom, I had thought I was looking at a new wildflower that I had found.  Not so, for as I got closer I discovered it was a tiny, pink moth within the bloom.  These little moths only inhabit the Primrose blossom at night and as night comes to an end the Primrose will close its blossoms and the moth becomes stuck within the blossom as can be seen within the yellow Primrose blossom below. 

shown above is a moth on the blossom , not within it.
It is great fun examining Primrose blossoms and finding a treasure within.  The link included here will give you lots of fascinating information about these beautiful little pink moths.

Happy moth hunting!

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eileeninmd said...

Hello, what a pretty colored moth! Great sighting.

Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!