Friday, June 02, 2017

A Couple of Warbers.

I have seen very few warblers this spring except for a Pine Warbler which visited for five or six days feeding at our bird feeders in Bird Alley.  This week however I did see a coup[le of my favourites.  My first warbler surprise was a Yellow Warbler, it is such a beautiful, attractive bird.  I was disappointed that its red stripes on its breast was not too showy, but it did have a few faint stripes on its breast.

My second warbler sighting of the week was a Common Yellowthroat.  Actually we are quite familiar with this interesting warbler as my husband has nicknamed this delightful looking bird, The Lone Ranger bird.  When you look at the bird's photo you will get the connection to its nickname if you happened to be a Lone Ranger comic book fan from the 40's - 50'.  That was our era ( we were both born in the 40's) .So thus the Lone Ranger memory gets an appreciative welcome whenever we happen to see this sweet looking warbler with its black mask.  Do you remember the Lone Ranger?
                                          Above you can see a portion of this warbler's black mask.
Perhaps another day I will be able to capture a fuller body photo of this bird.
I am adding a coupe of pictures from my archives of this warbler so you can more fully appreciate its mask.

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