Sunday, June 18, 2017

Snapping Turtle Laying its Eggs

Unto all things there is a season and every year at this time I start to watch for Snapping Turtles as this is often the time when I see them laying eggs.  Yesterday was a rainy, rather miserable  sort of day and so I did not do my usual early morning rounds.  Around 1 p.m.  I decided to go out for a look. I found evidence of three Snapping Turtle nests having been dug and they had not been there the day before so I assume it was yesterday morning when the digging nests had occurred but I had missed it.  However I did chance upon one turtle laying eggs.  These turtles are very predictable as the one I saw was in exactly the same location as in previous years and it was almost the same date, giving a difference of a day or so!

It is a damp , dreary morning today also and I have not gone out... but I have a couple more locations that I am monitoring , hopefully I won't regret my staying in this morning and the possibility of more egg laying action. I shall check on my regular locations later on this afternoon.
Nature does provide such wonderful photo opportunity adventures!  Have a wonderful day everyone!

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