Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Pine Siskins

I hadn't seen a Pine Siskin for a long, long time but yesterday morning I spied a little, slightly grey striped bird with  fine streaks of yellow on its rump and I thought "aha!" a Pine Siskin, and they often accompany Goldfinch too and we had lots of Godfinch about; so I called my husband to come and look and he agreed with me; Pine Siskins, We had Pine Siskiun at our feeders!  How wonderful!  So this morning I watched and waited and took pictures!  I love these little birds with their yellow decorator touches.
Have a wonderful sunshiny day everyone!  Our flood waters are beginning to go down as we didn't have any rain last night or this morning. This week I am hoping we have White Crown Sparrows visiting our feeder area here in Bird Alley.. Just maybe?

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